Concrete Curing Equipment

Controlled concrete curing conditions are required to meet mixed design requirements and ensure proper strength development. Gilson's concrete curing equipment and accessories provide specimens a stable and protective environment throughout the transport, curing, monitoring, and testing processes.


Concrete Curing Tanks
  • Concrete Curing Boxes include Thermocure Deluxe models that feature both heating and cooling functions. Economy models have a heating function only. The Perfa-Cure series has heating-only models in mini and standard sizes, while Perfa-Cure Plus curing boxes have both heating and cooling capabilities. Every model is ideal for the initial curing stages of fresh concrete samples. The Field Curing Chest is lightweight and easily transportable for use in the field.
  • Concrete Curing Tanks are constructed of galvanized steel or heavy plastic. They are used for lab or field curing of concrete beams, cylinders, or other concrete specimens. Steel curing tanks are available in 103, 142, 252, and 300gal sizes, while plastic curing tanks come in 40, 110, and 180gal capacities.
  • Aquafog® Fogging Fans are available in large and small models. The fogging fans' powerful airflow produces high-quality moisture fog and uniform distribution. Designed for corrosive environments, they operate on ordinary water sources, including well water.
  • Moisture Room Control Panel is a wall-mounted custom system using HMA-298 Atomizing Spray Heads. It features an easy-to-read digital controller display and maintains the precise temperature and 100% humidity in the concrete specimen curing environment.
  • Curing Tank Heater is designed to maintain the required temperature in large water tanks; one heater can normally supply sufficient heat to control up to 350gal of water when ambient temperatures are at 53°F (12°C).
  • Curing Tank Circulator is used together with a curing tank heater and gently circulates the water to help maintain consistent curing temperature in a tank of up to 350gal. More than one curing tank circulator is typically needed for larger tanks.
  • The heater/Circulator has dual action heating and water circulation capabilities. It has a long heating element immersible from 3-7in, two-speed pumping for 9 or 15L per minute, and is designed for tanks and baths up to 7.4gal (28L).
  • Concrete Cylinder Transport Racks are used inside the Curing Chest as cylinder holders or as an easier way to transport multiple concrete cylinders at one time.
  • Field Curing Chest offers an easy and less expensive way to transport and cure concrete cylinders all at once.  It is lightweight and holds up to nine 6in cylinders and is weatherproof.
  • Moist Cabinet with 11ft³ capacity and a heated triple-pane glass door offers a temperature and humidity-controlled environment for curing mortar and concrete test specimens. It features settable humidity controls and maintains up to 95% humidity. Both humidity and temperature are indicated on LED displays.
  • Humidity Meters include the Kestrel® 5200 Professional Environmental Meter which is designed for field use when monitoring conditions influencing the development of shrinkage cracking in freshly-placed concrete. Or the Sling Psychrometer is a simple-to-use instrument for accurately measuring ambient temperature and humidity, and ultimately, the relative humidity of an area.
  • Max/Min Thermometers show maximum and minimum temperatures in °F and °C since the last reset, as well as current temperature. Models are available with spirit-type indicating fluid, or mercury-filled.

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