Concrete Curing Equipment

Careful concrete curing of specimens under controlled conditions assures that strength develops properly and mix design requirements are met.


Specimens are cast and placed in a protected environment such as the Thermocure Portable Curing Box or Field Curing Chest for initial curing, until they develop enough strength to transport. Transport Racks stabilize cylinders and protect them from damage when moving from field to lab. Laboratory curing takes place in high moisture conditions with closely controlled temperatures. ASTM and AASHTO specifications allow use of either Curing Tanks filled with lime-saturated water, or moist rooms where fogging fans like the Aquafog Turbo XE create high humidity. Curing Tanks usually require Heaters and Circulators to stabilize and maintain correct water temperatures. Environmental Meters and Psychrometers monitor on-site concrete curing operations for temperature, humidity and evaporative rate conditions as outlined in ACI 308R. Following these guidelines will assure proper strength development and prevent cracking in newly-placed concrete slabs and structures.