Concrete Curing Tanks

Gilson offers concrete curing tanks for use in the field or lab environments for curing cylinders, beams, or other concrete specimens. Tanks are an accepted method used to cure concrete samples for testing concrete strength. They meet all curing requirements specified in ASTM and AASHTO standards, with less expense and greater adaptability than full-scale moist curing rooms.


Steel Concrete Curing Tanks

Steel Concrete Curing Tanks

Starting at $250.00
Models: HM-620, HM-621, HM-626
Plastic Concrete Curing Tanks
Models: HM-623, HM-624, HM-625
Concrete Curing Tanks

When filled with lime-saturated water and maintained at proper temperatures, they meet all field and laboratory curing requirements. They have straight sides with curved ends, making the most efficient use of floor space. Using tanks for curing is an ideal method for limited numbers of specimens. However, having multiple tanks connected for testing allows for greater sample capacity and heating/cooling efficiency.

Tanks are ideal for short-term and limited-space applications. The setup is simple and quick and offers sufficient moisture levels with minimal maintenance required. Other equipment needed include curing tank heaters, tank circulators, temperature recorders or data loggers, and a concrete reference thermometer. Tanks can accommodate a range of cylinder sizes from 3x6 up to 6x12in.

  • Steel Concrete Curing Tanks have straight sides and a pipe-reinforced top for strength. Sturdy rolled seam with enclosed sealant prevents leaks.
  • Plastic Concrete Curing Tanks are constructed of durable recycled materials. They are impact-resistant, UV-resistant, rustproof, leakproof, and chemically neutral.

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