Concrete Curing Tanks

Gilson offers a range of steel or plastic tanks for lab or field curing concrete cylinders, beams, and other concrete specimens. Curing Tanks filled with lime-saturated water and maintained to proper temperatures meet all field and laboratory curing requirements specified in ASTM and AASHTO with less expense and greater adaptability than full-scale moist curing rooms. Straight sides with round ends make most efficient use of floor space. Curing Tanks are oversized and must be shipped via motor freight.
Steel Concrete Curing Tanks

Steel Concrete Curing Tanks

Starting at $150.00
Models: HM-620, HM-621, HM-622, HM-626*Curing Tanks are oversized and must ship via motor freight.
Plastic Concrete Curing Tanks
Models: HM-623, HM-624, HM-625