Concrete Curing Boxes

Concrete Curing Boxes are a portable solution for protecting newly-made concrete strength specimens during the critical initial curing phase. These sturdy, lightweight boxes maintain temperature conditions as specified in ASTM C31 and AASHTO T 23. Models are available with heating and cooling functionality, or with heating only. Water can be added to the boxes for partial immersion of the cylinders to prevent moisture loss.

*Note: The Perfa-Cure and Thermocure Concrete Curing Boxes are oversized and can only be shipped via motor freight.


Perfa-Cure Concrete Curing Boxes
Models: HM-491, HM-495, HM-493
Thermocure Portable Curing Boxes
Models: HM-49, HM-50
Field Curing Chest
Model: HM-112
  • Perfa-Cure Concrete Curing Boxes come in models that generate heating/cooling functionality or heating only for 6x12in and 4x8in concrete cylinders. A mini heating-only model is available for increased portability and convenience.
  • Thermocure Portable Curing Boxes are available as Deluxe or Economy models. The Deluxe version offers recirculating heating and cooling temperature control units, optimal for use in high ambient temperature applications. The Economy model features a heater with adjustable thermostat. Some cooling can be accomplished by fresh water circulation.
  • Field Curing Chest offers ease of storing and transporting, and protection from harsh elements.