Compaction Permeameters

4in Compaction Permeameter
4in Compaction Permeameter
Model: HM-36
Price: $376.00
6in Compaction Permeameter
6in Compaction Permeameter
Model: HM-37
Price: $429.00

Gilson offers two sizes of Compaction Permeameters to measure constant or falling-head properties of compacted or remolded soils. The 4in and 6in Permeameters are constructed of plated steel for wear resistance and long life. Mold dimensions are 4x4.584in (101.6x116.4mm) and 6x7in (152.4x177.8mm), not including collars. These molds are similar to Proctor and CBR molds, except that the upper and lower plates have inlet/outlet connectors to allow the flow of water through the compacted sample. The overflow valve on the top plate is designed for air removal during the test. A porous stone filter is also provided. HMA-838 or HMA-839 manometers are purchased separately and are required to measure top and bottom head pressures during permeability testing.

Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 26lb (12kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 26lb (12kg)
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