Flexible wall permeability testing determines hydraulic conductivity or flow characteristics of water or other permeants through soils, and is commonly used to assess natural soils, fills or clay liners in environmental and geotechnical applications. Gilson’s high-quality line of testing products assures accurate and repeatable test results, and many meet ASTM and AASHTO standards indicated for testing.


Soil Permeability Testing Equipment
  • Flexible Wall Permeability products include Permeability Control Panels, Test Cells and component kits, Latex Membranes, Porous Stones, sample preparation equipment and more.
  • ASTM/AASHTO Constant Head Permeameters are Granular Soils Permeameters that meet ASTM and AASHTO constant-head requirements and can test a range of sample sizes.
  • Constant/Falling Head Permeability Test Sets test granular soil samples using either constant-head or falling-head methods. The Permeameters are available in a range of specimen sizes.
  • Shelby Tube Permeameter enables permeability testing directly on undisturbed soil samples remaining in cut-to-length sections of 3in (76mm) diameter Shelby Tubes.
  • Compaction Permeameters measure constant or falling-head permeability of soil samples compacted in 4 or 6in (102 or 152mm) soil molds.
  • Double-Ring Infiltrometer is a field device for measuring infiltration of water or other liquids into soils in-place. Data is used in geotechnical or environmental studies.
  • Pinhole Dispersion Device directs water through a small hole in a cohesive soil sample to determine dispersive characteristics. This test is often used in design of soil embankments and earthen dams.