Double-Ring Infiltrometer

Model: HM-128
Price: $2,360.00

The Double-Ring Infiltrometer is used for field measurement of infiltration rate of water (or other liquid) into soils. The method is particularly applicable to fine-grained soils. Infiltration rates give data for studies of liquid waste disposal, leaching, drainage, irrigation requirements, canal or reservoir leakage, etc.

12in and 24in (305mm and 610mm) diameter rings are 20in (508mm) high. Both are driven into the soil in a concentric arrangement using the special driving cap provided. The rings are filled with water and the level is maintained by constant-head Mariotte cylinders. Velocity of liquid passing to the soil from the inner ring is equivalent to the infiltration rate. Water between the two rings promotes one-dimensional vertical flow beneath the inner ring.

HM-128 Double-Ring Infiltrometer includes two stainless steel rings with reinforced top band and beveled bottom edge, a 1/2in (13mm) thick hard alloy aluminum driving cap with centering pins that also serves as a cover, 3,000ml and 10,000ml constant-head calibrated plastic Mariotte cylinders with support stand and rubber splash guards.

HMA-635 Infiltrometer Field Set provides essential tools for setting-up and running the test. The set includes a small sledge hammer, rubber mallet, water bucket, carpenter's level, dial thermometer, pH paper, 2x4in (54x102mm) wooden driving block, and shovel.

Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 110 lbs, (50 kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 110 lbs, (50 kg)
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