Shelby Tube Permeameter

Model: HM-81
Price: $305.00

The Shelby Tube Permeameter allows tests to be performed on undisturbed soil samples in sections of 3in (76mm) diameter Shelby sampling tubes. Supplied apparatus consists of corrosion-resistant top and bottom plates, valves, two porous stones, two stainless steel screens, and three threaded tie rods with tilt nuts for quick repositioning. Inside of top plate is concave for de-airing. Tie rods extend to permit testing in Shelby tubes up to 12in (305mm) long under constant or falling head conditions. Order HMA-838 or HMA-839 manometer to measure top and bottom head pressures during permeability testing. Both feature a 100mm graduated scale and necessary valves. Filter paper is useful for keeping fines from blinding porous stones. Paper is 2.95in (70mm) dia. and comes in packs of one hundred.

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