Shelby Tube Permeameter

Model: HM-81
Price: $340.00

HM-81 Shelby Tube Permeameter is used for testing permeability of undisturbed soil samples in 3in (76mm) diameter Shelby tubes, up to 6in (152mm) in length. The permeameter is constructed of rugged corrosion-resistant components and is equipped with top and bottom plates, valves, two stainless steel screens, and three threaded tie rods with tilt nuts that allow repositioning. The inside of the top plate is concave to aid in de-airing. Two Porous Stones and two O-Rings are also included, as well as 10ft of 1/4in (6mm) ID clear tubing. The required HMA-840 Single Tube Manometer measures head pressure during permeability testing and are available separately. Filter Paper for Shelby Tube, also sold separately, is used to keep fines from blinding porous stones.


  • Corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum components
  • The concave top plate allows for de-airing
  • Designed to maintain the structure and integrity of the sample

Included Items:

  • Shelby Tube Permeameter
  • Two Porous Stones
  • Two O-Rings
  • 10ft 1/4in ID clear tubing


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Specimen Size 3 x 12in (76 x 152mm) Dia. x H
Estimated Shipping Weight 6.0lb (2.72kg)

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Specimen Size 3 x 12in (76 x 152mm) Dia. x H
Estimated Shipping Weight 6.0lb (2.72kg)
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