Single-Tube Manometer with Constant-Head Reservoir

Model: HMA-840
Price: $180.00

Single-Tube Manometer with Constant-Head Reservoir is a 39.3in (1,000mm) clear acrylic unit with scale and 0.0393in (1mm) graduations. The reservoir valves control flow, while an adjustable funnel with clamp functions as a reservoir during constant-head testing. HMA-840 is used with Constant / Falling Head Permeability Test Sets for measuring constant-or falling-head properties of granular soils and with Compaction Permeameters for determining the same properties in remolded or compacted soils. Its sturdy base plate allows for easy placement of this free-standing unit on the floor or tabletop.


  • Valves control flow during testing
  • Self-contained scale
  • Adjustable funnel

Included Items:

  • HMA-840 Single-Tube Manometer w/ Constant-Head Reservoir
Estimated Shipping Weight 10.0lb (4.54kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 10.0lb (4.54kg)
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