Manometers for Granular Soil Permeameters

Free-Standing Manometer

Free-Standing Manometer

Model: HMA-838
Price: $218.50
Wall-Mounted Manometer

Wall-Mounted Manometer

Model: HMA-839
Price: $190.00

Free-Standing or Wall-Mounted Manometers measure the permeability of soil samples by the constant head or falling head methods and are designed for Soil Permeameters with two side ports. Both feature two acrylic tubes, each with its own valve, mounted on an aluminum rail. A 100cm scale with cm and mm graduations is affixed between the two tubes for monitoring flow volumes.

HMA-838 Free-Standing Manometer is supplied with a base plate, allowing it to stand alone on a countertop.

HMA-839 Wall-Mounted Manometer is identical but designed for wall mounting.

A Free-Standing or Wall-Mounted Manometer is required for use with ASTM/AASHTO Constant Head Permeameters, Shelby Tube Permeameters, or Compaction Permeameters, and is purchased separately.


  • 100cm scale is graduated in cm and mm scale and valves
  • Free-Standing or Wall-Mounted models
  • Each tube has a valve, allowing for independent use

Included Items:

  • HMA-838 Free-Standing Manometer or HMA-839 Wall-Mounted Manometer
  • Two 5ft (152cm) lengths of flexible plastic tubing
Estimated Shipping Weight 15.0lb (6.80kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 15.0lb (6.80kg)
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