Master Control Panel

Model: HM-350M
Price: $3,785.00

HM-350M Master Control Panel combines precise control, logical layout, and quality components for accuracy and ease of operation. Controls in the upper half of the panel regulate air pressure to the specimen chamber while the lower controls regulate the water supply. All cell and burette pressures are individually adjustable and easily monitored by a single digital pressure gauge. Precision regulators and valves allow accurate setting of critical pressures during saturation, consolidation and testing phases. Effective cell pressure and cell and sample back-pressure are all controlled through a single regulator. This is particularly useful during the saturation phase and causes no change in effective stress.

Main supply connections for water, air, and drain are located at the rear of the panel. Connections for the testing chamber are located on the front, and the chamber and reservoirs can be filled and drained from the front panel connections. The panel includes two 50x0.1cc burettes and two 4x0.008cc pipettes for accurate permeability flow measurements. Each is encased in large 400cc capacity storage reservoirs. High-quality Whitey™ zero volume change ball valves are used throughout. The sturdy epoxy-coated aluminum frame is 21x6.25x37.25in (533x159x946mm), WxDxH. Accurate measurement of pore pressure for correction and control of loads and loading rates can be accomplished with the optional HMA-521 Digital Pore Pressure Gauge. A transducer is included with this gauge. Other optional accessories include the HMA-506 Specimen Height Indicator to track sample deformation and the HMA-520 Deairing Tank to prepare water for use in the testing chambers. Permeability Testing Chambers and other accessories must be ordered separately. An air compressor is required to generate confining pressures, but not included.

Dimensions 21 x 6.25 x 37.25in (533 x 159 x 946mm), W x D x H
Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 65lb (30kg)

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Dimensions 21 x 6.25 x 37.25in (533 x 159 x 946mm), W x D x H
Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 65lb (30kg)
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