Pore Pressure Gauge w/ Transducer

Model: HMA-521
Price: $845.00

HMA-521 Pore Pressure Gauge w/Transducer allows precision measurement of soil specimen pore water pressure during triaxial testing of soils. The unit contains a deairing valve and LCD digital display for readout. For use with Triaxial Test Cells and HM-350M Master Control Panel in triaxial testing of soils. The display is mounted in a wire stand to place on a table or other flat surface.


  • Precise measuring of pore pressure
  • Easy-to-read 4.5in (114mm) display

Included Items:

  • HM-521 Pore Pressure Gauge w/Transducer
Estimated Shipping Weight 3.0lbs (1.36kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 3.0lbs (1.36kg)
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