Triaxial Control Panels

Triaxial testing of soils is a tool for geotechnical and structural design. Master and Auxiliary Control Panels are required to regulate and monitor fluid and air pressures in Triaxial or Permeability Chambers throughout the test cycles. 


Model: HM-350A
Model: HM-350M

Control Panels are also used in Flexible-Wall Permeability /Hydraulic Conductivity testing for verification and conformance to environmental regulations.

  • Master Control Panel includes precision regulators, valves, and reservoir and burrette assemblies to control a single test chamber. The panel has an upper half that regulates air pressure to the specimen chamber and a lower control to regulate the water supply. All cell and burette pressures are individually adjustable and easily monitored by a single digital pressure gauge.
  • Auxilary Control Panel increases productivity byallowing users to add an additional Triaxial or Permeability Test Chamber and includes identical precision regulators, valves, and reservoir and burrette assemblies, but no pressure gauge.