Scratch-A-Track Motion Monitor

Model: HM-642
Price: $25.50

Scratch-A-Track Motion Monitor tracks thermal movement, structural settlement, load-induced deflections, and other changes in relative positioning. The monitor is compact, lightweight and weather-resistant, and designed to provide a clear, continuous graphic record of the total relative movement of adjacent surfaces.

The Scratch-A-Track Motion Monitor is mounted over a crack, joint, or another void, and anchored with user-supplied concrete screws. When mounted, the spring steel finger and thumb screw assembly allow pressure to be applied for scribing onto the HM-643 Scratch-A-Track Monitor Recording Pads (purchased separately) for use.


  • Small and weather-resistant
  • Easily mounted over cracks, joints, or other voids
  • Creates a permanent record when used with recording pads

Included Items:

  • Scratch-A-Track Motion Monitor


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Product Dimensions 1x5.5x1in (25x140x25mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lb (0.45kg)

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Product Dimensions 1x5.5x1in (25x140x25mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lb (0.45kg)
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