Scratch-A-Track Monitor Recording Pads

Model: HM-643
Price: $30.00

Recording Pads are single-use plastic cards coated with a white film that creates a permanent graphic record of structural movement when used with the HM-642 Scratch-A-Track Motion Monitor.

The Recording Pad bonds are mounted to the concrete surface with the user-supplied concrete screws on the surface opposite to the Scratch-A-Track Motion Monitor. Each card includes spaced to record date, location, and other relevant information.


  • Target area coated with a white film for permanent recordings
  • Space provided for recording date, location, and more
  • Easily secured to surface with user-supplied concrete screws

Included Items:

  • Scratch-A-Track Monitor Recording Pads (package of 10)
Quantity Package of 10
Estimated Shipping Weight 0.5lb (0.23kg)

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Quantity Package of 10
Estimated Shipping Weight 0.5lb (0.23kg)
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