Crack Monitor Plus

Model: HM-634
Price: $23.00

Crack Monitor Plus is made of clear polycarbonate. Adjustable slots for screws provide secure placement and tamper-resistance. Once in place, the monitor’s two plates can move independently. Plates have fixtures for precise measurement to ±0.1mm (0.004in) with TSA-270 and TSA-271 Digital Calipers. Monitoring in three dimensions can be achieved using a second Crack Monitor-Plus. View full line of our Crack Monitor or the Crack Monitor Plus is available in Concrete Crack Monitor Kits.


  • Secure placement on a concrete structure
  • Spigots allow for precise measuring
  • Three-dimensional monitoring possible with a second device

Included Items:

  • Crack Monitor Plus
Product Dimensions 1x3in (25x76mm), WxL
Estimated Shipping Weight 0.5lb (0.23kg)

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Product Dimensions 1x3in (25x76mm), WxL
Estimated Shipping Weight 0.5lb (0.23kg)
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