Concrete Crack Monitors

Cracks in concrete structures, roads and bridges can signal underlying problems and should be monitored to avoid serious issues. Monitoring crack widths in concrete and masonry structural elements is accurate, easy and reliable with Gilson Concrete Crack Monitor devices.

The Gilson Crack Monitoring Record is a helpful tool to use for recording movement in crack width over time. Click here to download.


Model: HM-639
Model: HM-637
Model: HM-634
Model: HM-635
Model: HM-636
Model: HM-638

Crack Monitor Kits

Starting at $254.00
Models: HM-644, HM-645, HM-646
Model: HM-642
Concrete Crack Monitors

The process is simple. Opening, closing and differential movement of a crack is continuously monitored merely by mounting a Crack Monitor over the crack with screws. They can be secured more tightly by also using adhesive or epoxy. Our selection of monitoring devices provides a range of configurations to choose from.

  • Economy Crack Comparator – a credit-card size device, this monitor is a convenient and easy-to-use field reference for cracks ranging from 0.1 to 7.0mm.
  • Standard Crack Monitor – Its simple design offers a range of 20mm horizontally and 10mm vertically with a crosshair on the transparent upper plate.
  • Crack Monitor Plus – It is constructed of clear polycarbonate with adjustable screw slots that provide secure placement, and has a range of 25mm horizontally and 10m vertically.
  • Corner Adapter – An accessory to the Crack Monitors, the adapter can be used in corners from 70° to 180°.
  • Crack Width Gauge – Used in surveying and reporting on damaged buildings, this durable unit is used for on-the-spot measurements of cracks up to 7mm, and works well in corners and awkward areas.
  • Displacement Monitor – Constructed of white plastic with easy to read divisions, this device measures differential movement, as well as opening and closing of the crack.
  • Crack Monitor Kits – Contain the components needed to implement an effective crack monitoring program. Available in a basic kit, as well as digital monitoring essentials and digital monitoring professional kits.
  • Scratch-A-Track Motion Monitor – Lightweight, small and weather-resistant, this device tracks any change in relative positioning through a continuous graphic record.
  • Stainless Steel Crack Monitor Discs – Providing a simple method to accurately measure a crack from either side.