Triaxial Soil Test Apparatus

Triaxial testing of soils provides valuable soil strength and shear information for safe and effective design and construction of embankments and foundation systems. Build the optimum system for your application by selecting from Gilson’s Karol Warner Pro-Loader Load Frames, Master and Auxiliary Control Panels, quality Test Chambers and test accessories.


Technicians prepare and mount undisturbed or remolded specimens in a test chamber pressurized with water to create a confining pressure around the specimen. The test chamber is placed in a Pro-Loader Load Frame to gather information about shear resistance, strength and cohesion, and to predict slope stability and structural foundation behavior. Tests can be conducted with specimens in unconsolidated-undrained condition using ASTM D2850 methods or consolidated-undrained or consolidated-drained conditions in accordance with ASTM D4767.

  • Triaxial Control Panels regulate and monitor air and fluid pressures in the Test Chambers through a system of burettes, valves and regulators and can also used for hydraulic conductivity/flexible wall permeability testing of soils. Master or Auxiliary Control Panels offer greater flexibility to set up your system
  • Triaxial Load Frames are used for loading of specimens for triaxial testing.
  • Triaxial Load Cells & Accessories are designed for use with Gilson/Karol-Warner Pro-Loader Frames and Control Panels, but can be adapted to other equipment.