Triaxial Load & Displacement Measurement

Triaxial Component Sets work with Gilson Load Frames or systems from other manufacturers to measure load and soil sample displacement when testing in accordance with ASTM D2850, D4767, and AASHTO T 297.


Pore Pressure Transducer with Digital Readout
Models: HMA-521, HMA-521F
Data Readouts

Data Readouts

Starting at $1,190.00
Models: HM-418, HM-418F, HM-419, HM-419F
S-Type Load Cells

S-Type Load Cells

Starting at $350.00
Models: HM-421D, HM-422D, HM-424D, HM-425D, HM-428D, HM-430D, HM-438D
Linear Variable Displacement Transducers
Models: HM-739, HM-740
Load Rings

Load Rings

Starting at $550.00
Models: HM-420, HM-421, HM-422, HM-424, HM-425, HM-427, HM-428, HM-430
Digital Dial Indicators

Digital Dial Indicators

Starting at $400.00
Models: MA-360, MA-361, MA-363, MA-364, MA-366, MA-367
Mechanical Dial Indicators

Mechanical Dial Indicators

Starting at $107.00
Models: MA-330, MA-330B, MA-334, MA-334C, MA-334B, MA-346, MA-346B
  • Analog Triaxial Loading Component Set with 1,000lbf Load Ring includes required components to outfit a Load Frame for measuring load and sample displacement during typical triaxial soil tests.
  • Load and Displacement Readout Kit, 1,000lbf Capacity includes a 1,000lbf S-type Load Cell, 2in travel Linear Displacement Transducer and a Two-Channel Digital Readout Box for electronic force and displacement measurements. These kits can also be used in a number of other soil testing applications.
  • Pore Pressure Transducer with Digital Readout for precisely measuring pore water pressure of triaxial and flexible wall permeability soil samples.
  • Digital Readouts accept input and display data from the digital force, pressure, and displacement devices used in a variety of laboratory soil tests.
  • Load Cells deliver accuracy of less than 0.0300% strain and can be used with both compression and tension measurements.
  • Linear Variable Displacement Transducers produce digital output related to the displacement of a reference surface. Available in 1in (25mm) and 2in (51mm).
  • Load Rings measure applied force in compression and are available in a range of capacities to suit your needs.
  • Digital Dial Indicators offer electronic displacement measurements with ranges from 0.25 to 1.0in and are switchable between inch and millimeter units.
  • Mechanical Dial Indicators deliver fast, accurate analog displacement readings.