Triaxial Load & Displacement Measurement

Triaxial Component Sets work with Gilson Pro-Loader Load Frames or systems from other manufacturers to measure load and soil sample displacement when testing in accordance with ASTM D2850, D4767, and AASHTO T 297.


Digital Readouts

Digital Readouts

Starting at $1,045.00
Models: HM-418, HM-419
Load Cells

Load Cells

Starting at $385.00
Models: HM-421D, HM-422D, HM-424D, HM-425D, HM-428D, HM-430D, HM-438D
Linear Variable Displacement Transducers
Models: HM-739, HM-740
Load Rings

Load Rings

Starting at $585.00
Models: HM-420, HM-421, HM-422, HM-424, HM-425, HM-427, HM-428, HM-430
Digital Dial Indicators

Digital Dial Indicators

Starting at $375.00
Models: MA-360, MA-361, MA-363, MA-364, MA-366, MA-367
Mechanical Dial Indicators

Mechanical Dial Indicators

Starting at $92.00
Models: MA-330, MA-330B, MA-334, MA-334C, MA-334B, MA-346, MA-346B
  • Analog Triaxial Loading Component Set with 1,000lbf Load Ring includes required components to outfit a Load Frame for measuring load and sample displacement during typical triaxial soil tests.
  • Load and Displacement Readout Kit, 1,000lbf Capacity includes a 1,000lbf S-type Load Cell, 2in travel Linear Displacement Transducer and a Two-Channel Digital Readout Box for electronic force and displacement measurements. These kits can also be used in a number of other soil testing applications.
  • Pore Pressure Gauge w/Transducer for precisely measuring pore water pressure of triaxial and flexible wall permeability soil samples.
  • Digital Readouts accept input and display data from digital force, pressure and displacement devices used in a variety of laboratory soils tests.
  • Load Cells deliver accuracy of less than 0.0300% strain, and can be used with both compression and tension measurements.
  • Linear Variable Displacement Transducers produce digital output related to the displacement of a reference surface. Available in 1in (25mm) and 2in (51mm).
  • Load Rings measure applied force in compression and are available in a range of capacities to suit your needs.
  • Digital Dial Indicators offer electronic displacement measurements with ranges from 0.25 to 1.0in and are switchable between inch and millimeter units.
  • Mechanical Dial Indicators deliver fast, accurate analog displacement readings.