Triaxial Analog Component Set with 1,000lbf Load Ring

Model: HMA-686
Price: $682.00

Triaxial Analog Component Set includes a 1,000lbf Load Ring is used with Load Frames for measuring the triaxial shear strength of the soil. The set contains an HM-422 1,000lbf Load Ring and an MA-334 1x0.001in Mechanical Dial Indicator. Load Ring is machined from high-strength aluminum alloy for repeatable compression measurements. Load Ring is supplied with a calibration chart.


  • 1,000lbf Load Ring 
  • Allows for repeatable compression measurements

Included Items:

  • 1in Mechanical Dial Indicator, 1x0.0001in Resolution
  • 1,000lbf Load Ring


Estimated Shipping Weight 7.0lb (3.18kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 7.0lb (3.18kg)
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