Screening Accessories

Whether filling, measuring, storing or cleaning, Gilson’s line of screening accessories offers a wide selection of products and equipment needed for laboratory screen testing and sieving. Many of these accessories are for use with the Gilson line of Screen Shakers.


Screening Accessories
  • Screen Tray Storage Rack is used with Gilson Testing Screen models and Gilson Test-Master® Testing Screens. The storage rack provides storage of up to seven screen trays and fits on top or below most bench tops.
  • Porta-Screen Tray Rack stacks and stores up to eight screen trays in PS-3 and PS-4 Gilson Porta-Screen® models. This unit is free-standing and constructed of painted steel.
  • Clean-N-Weigh Accessory easily cleans and collects contents of Gilson Testing Screen, Test-Master or Porta-Screen screen trays. Its design also allows for easy positioning on electronic balance for instant display or data collection.
  • Brushes for Screen Trays feature a variety of brush sizes and bristle types for use with sieve and screen materials ranging from fine to coarse.
  • Scoops are constructed of aluminum, plastic or stainless steel and available in flat or round bottom styles. Capacities range from 2oz to 85oz.
  • Material Handling Pans for laboratory or field screening or other material testing applications are available in sizes ranging from 14qt to 49qt. The rugged sturdy pans come in varying shapes and design.
  • Dustpans are used with Gilson’s TS Testing Screen and TM Test-Master® testing screen models for collecting samples during testing. Choose from standard, deep, inclined and stationary models.
  • Digital Lab Timer is a laboratory accessory for timed applications with sieving and screening equipment. Controls up to 1hp single phase motors or 20 amp loads.
  • Speed Variation Accessory for Testing Screen or Test-Master® models precisely controls variation speed and must be factory-installed. Each model is equipped with a digital controller that can be mounted remotely.
  • Digital Calipers are stainless steel and come in 0-6in or 0-12in range. Used to accurately measure inside, outside and depth of samples in inches or millimeters. A heavy-duty model is also available in the 0-12in range.
  • Pocket Magnifier with 10x magnification has a .50x.50in (12.7xz12.7mm) viewing area. Used in examining wire cloth for damage or to take an approximate measurement of mesh size.
  • Screen Opening Gauge used for basic check of wire cloth opening sizes in test sieves and screen trays. Not designed for acceptance or verification purposes.