Gilson Silent Sifter® II (115V / 60Hz)

Model: SS-22
Price: $2,695.00
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SS-22 Silent Sifter® II is the newest and quietest Gilson Rotary Sifter. This model uses advanced soundproofing materials and cabinet design to be 16 to 18dB quieter than standard rotary sifters and 8 to 10dB quieter than our SS-21 Silent Sifter®. Heavy-duty, over-center latches pull doors tightly against cabinet gaskets to ensure a tight, dust-proof seal and enhanced noise control. Visit our complete line of Silent Laboratory Sifters for more detailed information or to order our 230V/50-60Hz model.


  • Lower operational noise levels than any other rotary sifter on the market
  • Advanced design and materials for better performance over classic sifters
  • Swivel casters promote easy mobility and lock securely
  • Compliant with multiple ASTM and AASHTO standards

Included Items:

  • Silent Sifter® II
  • Floor Stand with locking swivel casters
Estimated Shipping Weight 245.0lb (111.13kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 245.0lb (111.13kg)
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