Data Acquisition Software for Soil Testing

Data Acquisition Software records load and displacement values and displays real-time data for a number of soils and asphalt laboratory tests. Separate software for California Bearing Ratio (CBR), Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR), triaxial compression, unconfined compressive strength, soil cement, consolidation, direct/residual shear and Marshall Stability follow ASTM/AASHTO requirements for collection and calculation of results.


The software is optimized for use with Gilson digital readouts and load and displacement sensors on Windows desktop, laptop or touchscreen devices. Company information, logo and equipment information can be entered for inclusion in final reports. Test report data and information can also be exported to a spreadsheet application or converted into a PDF document.

Data Acquisition Software records load and displacement values and displays real-time data for a number of soil and asphalt laboratory tests. Additional components and component sets required for operation are listed below.

  • CBR/LBR Data Acquisition Software acquires CBR/LBR load and displacement data then generates a real-time load penetration curve. The software works well with the HMA-685D CBR/LBR Digital Component Set, which includes the HM-418 two-channel Digital Readout.
  • Triaxial Compression Data Acquisition Software records axial load and deformation data of UU, CU, CD, or unconfined soil samples. The software works with the HM-413 Load and Displacement Kit.
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength Data Acquisition Software records the axial load and rate of deformation data during cohesive soil sample testing. The software works with the HMA-683D Component Set, which includes an HM-418 two-channel Digital Readout.
  • Direct/Residual Shear Data Acquisition Software records consolidation and direct/residual shear data in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO standards. The software is optimized for use with the HM-382 and HM-380D Direct Shear Machines, which include the required HM-419 four-channel Digital Readout, two HM-739 Displacement Transducers and an HM-424D Load Cell.
  • Consolidation Data Acquisition Software logs the consolidation rate during incremental loading on soil samples. The software can be used when the Consolidation Load Frame is equipped with an HM-739 or HM-740 Displacement Transducer and an HM-418 or HM-419 Digital Readout. The software can also be configured for use with a Digital Dial Indicator such as the MA-363 and a MAA-81 USB cable.
  • Soil Cement Data Acquisition Software logs the axial load and vertical deformation data of soil-cement samples then calculates the unconfined compressive strength. The software works with the HMA-687D Component Set, which includes an HM-418 two-channel Digital Readout.