Bench Ovens

Bench Ovens offer standard operational features and a wide range of low-cost options. All models are forced-air convection with double-wall steel construction, corrosion resistant aluminized steel interiors, and a baked hammertone exterior finish. Popular models are stocked for immediate shipment.

7.0ft³ Bench Oven, 300°F Max

Starting at $1,391.00
Models: BO-250, BO-250F, BO-250S, BO-250SF
Models: BO-250ER, BO-250ERF, BO-250ERS

7.0ft³ Bench Oven, 450°F Max

Starting at $1,443.00
Models: BO-350, BO-350F, BO-350S, BO-350SF
Models: BO-350ER, BO-350ERF, BO-350ERS, BO-350ERSF
Models: BO-355, BO-355F, BO-355S, BO-355SF
Models: BO-355ER, BO-355ERF, BO-355ERS, BO-355ERSF

6.6ft³ Bench Oven, 550°F Max

Starting at $1,520.00
Models: BO-550, BO-550F, BO-550S, BO-550SF
Models: BO-550ER, BO-550ERF, BO-550ERS, BO-550ERSF