Soil Resistivity Test Kit

Model: HM-940
Price: $1,010.00

HM-940 Soil Resistivity Kit uses the Wenner 4-pin Method to determine the average resistivity of soil. The kit contains a Soil Resistivity reel, four color-coded lead wires, four Heavy-Duty Soil Pins, a Soil Box, and a sturdy, foam-lined plastic case to hold the components. Lead wires plug into the reel hub and terminate with spring-loaded clamps at the opposite end. Soil Pins are 18x3/8in (457x9.5mm) stainless steel with T-handles. The plexiglass Soil Box has stainless steel current distribution plates and removable brass potential pins and satisfies both 4-electrode and 2-electrode methods. Either the Analog or Digital Meter, each available separately, is required for proper use of the Soil Resistivity Kit. The included case accommodates one Resistivity Meter.


  • Contains components needed for testing soil resistivity together with Soil Resistance Meter
  • Rugged case for storage and transport of test kit components 

Included Items:

  • Soil Resistivity Kit
  • Carrying Case


Inside Dimensions 9x2.5x1.5in (229x64x38mm), LxWxD
Estimated Shipping Weight 24.0lb (10.89kg)

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Inside Dimensions 9x2.5x1.5in (229x64x38mm), LxWxD
Estimated Shipping Weight 24.0lb (10.89kg)
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