Calcium Carbonate Content Chamber

Model: HM-536
Price: $340.00

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) content of soils can be determined rapidly with this simple, portable test. The test is often used as an index to the presence and quantity of calcium carbonate in marine soil specimens, expressed as the percent calcite equivalent.

The method involves treating a one gram soil specimen with hydrochloric acid (HCI) in an enclosed reactor vessel. Carbon dioxide gas is generated from the reaction between the acid and carbonates in the specimen when the chamber is tilted and agitated, and the resulting pressure is measured. The 10 psi (69kPa) Bourdon-tube pressure gauge is pre-calibrated with reagent grade calcium carbonate. The 2.5x5.5in (63.5x140mm) IDxH clear acrylic chamber assembly is sealed to the anodized aluminum end caps with o-rings, and secured by threaded rods and knobs. It is supplied with the pressure gauge, bleed valve, and a 20ml cup with handle.

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