Type L Schmidt Test Hammers

Schmidt Type L Test Hammers offer the same compressive strength range as Type N hammers but produce 1/3 the impact energy, allowing for assessment of concretes and rock formations which may be vulnerable to impact damage. With an energy of 0.54ft-lbf (0.74Nm), Type L hammers are suitable for use on specimens less than 4in (100mm) thick. Applicable applications include thin-walled concrete components and brittle objects. Various models are available to meet specific requirements.


Type N Schmidt Hammers Comparison Chart

Click the Schmidt Type L Hammers Comparison Table to enlarge, print, or download. The table compares compressive strength and impact energy.

  • Original Schmidt Type L Concrete Test Hammer has all the same features as the Type N model, but with lower impact energy for testing thinner cross sections or lower strength mixes.
  • Original Schmidt Live Type L Concrete Test Hammer is the newest low-impact rebound hammer with advanced capabilities for data collection, processing and sharing. Designed to work in conjunction with iOS systems and for real-time web reporting.
  • Silver Schmidt ST Type L Concrete Test Hammer is an electronic, low-impact, rebound hammer for testing thinner or early age concretes. It uses electronic sensors to measure and report more accurate R values. Data logging capabilities and automatic position correction allow more efficient testing and reporting. A basic version of Hammerlink software enables selection of statistical programs for strength estimates and upgrades to firmware. The Silver Schmidt series tests concrete in the range of 1,450 to 14,500psi (10 to 100 mPa).
  • Silver Schmidt PC Type L Concrete Test Hammer is a more advanced Type L Silver Schmidt ST test hammer that adds the capability of using the Mushroom Plunger accessory for testing of low-strength and early-age concretes down to 750psi (5mPa). It includes fully functional Hammerlink software and extended memory capacity. The intuitive software allows the downloading of test hammer strength data to users’ PC and also has the ability to create custom strength correlation curves.
  • Rock Schmidt Type L Test Hammer is a low-impact version of the Silver Schmidt PC test hammer that has been designed exclusively for geological and geotechnical applications to measure hardness, strength and consistency of thin or fragile rock formations. The Type L model includes RockLink software for analysis and reporting, development of correlation curves and data collection.