Rotational Viscometers

Rotational Viscometers meet ASTM and AASHTO standards for high-temperature testing of asphalt binders. Asphalt binder products are characterized, and temperature/viscosity charts developed to estimate mixing and compaction temperatures in hot-mix design. The torque required to rotate a spindle immersed in the specimen is measured and yields a dynamic viscosity value. Gilson offers three medium viscosity, R-range systems to measure viscosities from 100cP to 40 million cP and are accurate to ±1% and reproducible to ±0.2%. All units are compatible with multiple spindles, purchased separately.
  • Fungilab Rotational Viscometers measure temperature ranges from -40°–300°C (-40°–572°F) with an included RTD probe and testing software.
  • Brookfield Rotational Viscometer measures at sample temperatures from 9°–260°C (48°–500°F) with an included RTD probe. Data collection and analysis is available with the accessory LPA-62 RHEOCALC T Software.