Rotational Viscometers

Rotational Viscometers meet ASTM and AASHTO standards for high-temperature dynamic viscosity testing of asphalt binders. Asphalt binder products are characterized, and temperature/viscosity relationships developed to estimate mixing and compaction temperatures in hot-mix design.


Standard Rotational Viscometer
Model: LP-72

The torque required to rotate a spindle immersed in the specimen is measured and converted to dynamic viscosity. Gilson offers rotational viscosity systems for accurate and repeatable viscosity measurements with greater speed and efficiency than traditional time-consuming glass capillary methods. These Viscometer models are easy to operate, automatically collect test data, and are accurate to ±1% and reproducible to ±0.2%. Precision temperature control units and a wide range of sample chambers and spindles are available, purchased separately.

  • Standard Rotational Viscometer s a medium-range rotational viscometer with a viscosity measurement range from 15 to 60,000,000mPa.s and a torque range of 0.05–13mNm. It has flexibility and is a cost-saving instrument with a selection of instrument viscosity range, temperature control devices, software, and accessories.
  • High-Performance Rotational Viscometer has flexibility and cost-effectiveness with a selection of instrument viscosity range, temperature control devices, software, and other accessories. It has a viscosity measurement range from 2 to 140,000,000mPa.s and a torque range from 0.05 to 30mNm. The high-performance model is a medium-range viscometer model for high-temperature asphalt viscosity measurements.
  • Anton Paar Rotational Viscometer is a self-contained unit providing reliable operation and advanced features. Available V-Curve software and Peltier Temperature Control Device ensure accurate ASTM/AASHTO results with minimal training. Easily integrates with LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) and FTP servers.