Asphalt Viscosity Test Equipment

Asphalt viscosity characteristics directly impact mixing and compaction requirements, and Gilson’s equipment options help assure quality control for acceptability of asphalt binder.


Asphalt Viscosity
  • Saybolt Viscometer Bath determines viscosity of petroleum liquids at temperatures from ambient to 464°F (240°C).
  • Vacuum Regulators provide precise viscous asphalt measurements with Asphalt Institute, Cannon-Manning and Modified Koppers vacuum viscometers.
  • Vacuum Manifold features a manual valve for easy application of vacuum or pressure to capillary viscometers when using viscosity baths.
  • Constant Temperature Viscosity Bath is optimal when controlling temperature of capillary viscometers but can also be used for general laboratory applications.
  • Zeitfuchs® Cross-Arm Viscometers determine kinematic viscosity of bitumens, road oils and asphalt cements with ±2% precision and a 1 to 3ml charge.
  • Asphalt Institute Vacuum Viscometers measure highly viscous materials such as bitumen and are available in five different sizes.