Asphalt Viscosity Test Equipment

Asphalt viscosity characteristics directly impact mixing and compaction requirements, and Gilson’s equipment options help assure quality control for the acceptability of the asphalt binder.


Asphalt Viscosity
  • Rotational Viscometers are used for high-temperature testing of asphalt binders and meet ASTM 4402 and AASHTO T 316 standards.
  • Viscosity Baths include the Saybolt Viscometer Bath which determines the viscosity of petroleum liquids and the Constant Temperature Viscosity Bath which controls the temperature of capillary viscometers and can also be used for general laboratory applications.
  • Capillary Viscometers measure the viscosity of bitumen or other highly viscous materials.
  • Vacuum Regulators provide precise viscous asphalt measurements with Asphalt Institute, Cannon-Manning, and Modified Kopper's vacuum viscometers.
  • Vacuum Manifold features a manual valve for easy application of vacuum or pressure to capillary viscometers when using viscosity baths.

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