Anton Paar Rotational Viscometer

Model: LP-84
Price: $6,260.00

The ViscoQC 300R Rotational Viscometer by Anton Paar provides rapid, reproducible, high-temperature viscosity measurements that correlate closely with the time-consuming AASHTO T 201 glass capillary method. The torque required to maintain a constant rotation speed of a specified spindle in the test specimen is measured and converted to dynamic viscosity.

ASTM and AASHTO rotational viscosity tests characterize asphalt binders and develop temperature/viscosity relationships to estimate optimum mixing and compaction temperatures for paving mixes. The chamber containing the specimen is temperature-controlled in a liquid or air bath while rotational forces are applied through the spindle.

The ViscoQC performs multi-point viscosity measurements from 100 to 40 million cP or mPa/s with an accuracy of ±1% and repeatability of ±0.2%. The rotational speed range is fully selectable from 0.01 to 250rpm, with 18 standard speed presets. Selectable operating modes allow customization of test methods. The ViscoQC can also perform speed or shear rate-controlled tests.

All measurement data, as well as programming functions, are displayed on the 7in full-color touchscreen in an intuitive user interface. As many as 999 tests with up to 10,000 sub-measurements are stored in memory for printing or exporting to a computer. Multiple languages are supported for data input and display. The instrument integrates into network Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or FTP Servers. The ViscoQC comes pre-assembled, and the setup takes just a few minutes. V-Collect software is a free download to print and export data as PDF or CSV files.

The ViscoQC Viscometer meets the requirements of ASTM D4402/AASHTO T 316 for rotational viscometer testing of asphalt when equipped with selected accessories:

  • LP-84, ViscoQC 300R Viscometer
  • LP-82, Peltier Temperature Control Device
  • LP-88, V-Curve Software Module
  • LPA-86, Holder for Disposable Chambers
  • LPA-81, Spindle Only, SC4-21

Other accessories enhance the versatility and convenience of the viscometer.


  • Wide viscosity range: 100 to 40 million cP or mPa/s
  • Easy operation with minimal training
  • All data and programming functions are displayed on the 7in color touchscreen
  • Memory for 999 tests with 10,000 sub-measurements
  • Free V-Collect software for data export and direct printing of test results

Included Items:

  • Anton Paar Rotational Viscometer, ViscoQC 300R


  • LP-82 Peltier Temperature Control Device offers precise temperature control of viscosity samples from -45°C to 175°C (-49F° to 347°F). Integrates easily with the ViscoQC 300R instrument.
  • LP-88 V-Curve Software Module adds live real-time graphing, mathematical modeling for data analysis and functionality with the LPA-82 temperature controller.
  • LPA-83 DIN Adapter is required for Non-Heated Testing when not using the LPA-82 temperature controller.
  • LPA-816 Disposable Sample Chambers eliminate cleaning of sample containers between uses. pkg. 100.
  • LPA-86 Holder for Disposable Chambers Adapts LPA-816 disposable sample chambers for use with LPA-74 temperature controller.
  • Reusable Spindles and Sample Chambers, SC4-21, SC4-27, SC4-28, and SC-29 spindles can be purchased with or without a sample chamber used for viscosity measurements.
Product Dimensions 14.2 x 11.1 x 17.5in (361 x 281 x 444mm), WxDxH
Net Weight 13.7lb (6.2kg)
Estimated Shipping Weight 22.0lb (9.98kg)

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Product Dimensions 14.2 x 11.1 x 17.5in (361 x 281 x 444mm), WxDxH
Net Weight 13.7lb (6.2kg)
Estimated Shipping Weight 22.0lb (9.98kg)
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