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Moisture Emission Test Kits (Package of 12)
Moisture Emission Test Kits (Package of 12)
Model: HM-674B
Price: $135.50
Moisture Emission Test Kits (3 Package of 3)
Moisture Emission Test Kits (3 Package of 3)
Model: HM-674D
Price: $36.00

Millions of dollars in damage to coatings and flooring systems occurs every year as a result of moisture migration through concrete slabs and structures. Electronic moisture meters will indicate the existing degree of saturation but not the rate of moisture emission. Gilson’s Concrete Moisture Emission Test Kits use the flooring industries most recognized method to determine moisture emission through concrete floor slabs.

A container of moisture-absorbing calcium chloride is weighed and placed under a plastic “dome” that is sealed to the concrete surface with a self adhereing gasket. At the conclusion of the 60—72 hour test cycle, the plastic is cut open and the dish of calcium chloride is removed, sealed and immediately weighed. The weight gain and exposure time values are used to compute the test result, expressed in pounds of moisture emitted per 1,000 square feet in 24 hours. Recommended test frequency is three for the first 500 square feet and one test for each additional 500 square feet of total area.

Each test kit consists of a sealed calcium chloride dish and a plastic dome with a pre-installed butyl rubber gasket. Three pH test strips with color chart are also included. Test kits are supplied in 3 or 12 packs. For a complete evaluation of the concrete floor surface, see moisture meters and pH meters. AD-25 Ninja Balance is recommended for quick evaluations in the field.

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