Concrete Moisture Testing Equipment

Concrete Moisture Testing Equipment can be conducted to detect moisture present in or migrating through concrete slabs. Excessive moisture in concrete floors can cause expensive floor covering or coating failures such as de-bonding, warping, blistering, and increased potential for mold growth. Measuring moisture in concrete slabs before a flooring product is placed can prevent extensive and costly damage. Humidity testing is also important to help prevent the spread of mold.


Concrete Moisture Testing Equipment

Moisture migration through concrete slabs and similar structures results in millions of dollars in damage each year to coatings and flooring systems. Gilson’s concrete moisture testing equipment meets ASTM standards on moisture in concrete subfloors.

  • Moisture Emission Test Kits include a calcium chloride dish and other products used to determine moisture emission through concrete floor slabs. Products in the kit test in accordance with ASTM F1869 in determining the rate of moisture emission.
  • Concrete Moisture Meters provide an instant measurement of moisture content in a concrete floor surface before a floor covering is installed. These non-destructive hand-held devices can also be used on other masonry-type materials such as stone and ceramic tiles. They meet ASTM F2659.
  • Concrete Humidity Measurement Kits measure relative humidity within concrete floors to determine mold and potential moisture damage. Select from a complete kit with a Tec RH or DuoTec BW Meter, or the moisture testers sold individually. Kits include the products and accessories needed to test Relative Humidity (RH) throughout the depth of the concrete slab. They meet ASTM F2659 and ASTM F2170.

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