Concrete Moisture Testing Equipment

Extensive damage can occur to flooring as a result of moisture present in, or migrating through concrete slabs. The industry relies on ASTM standard test methods to evaluate the moisture condition of concrete prior to placing their product – and Gilson's line of concrete moisture testing equipment align with the standards.


  • Moisture Emission Test Kits meet ASTM F1869 and are designed to determine moisture emission that comes through concrete floor slabs. 
  • Concrete Hygro-I Inspection Kit contains all products needed for concrete humidity testing, and meets ASTM F2659 and ASTM F2170. 
  • Concrete Moisture Meters are non-destructive and can instantly determine moisture content on the concrete floor surface. They meet ASTM F2659. 
  • Concrete Humidity Measurement Kits meet ASTM F2659 and F2170, and are designed for completely profiling surface and the total depth of the concrete slab for moisture content.