Laboratory Ovens

Gilson’s extensive and diverse selection of laboratory ovens offers solid performance and efficiency. Gilson offers gravity or forced-air type of airflow convection. Forced-air uses internal fans to circulate air in the chamber, has better temperature uniformity, and is more efficient at removing moisture from samples. Gravity convection uses thermal airflow to distribute heat and can have variable temperature zones.

When choosing an oven there are several factors to consider when determining which model will meet your needs:

  • Decide on convection type, Gravity or Forced-Air
  • Select desired Maximum Temperature
  • Choose appropriate Chamber Capacity


15.8ft³ Large Capacity Bench Oven, 400°F Max
Models: BO-323A, BO-323B, BO-323C
27ft³ Large Capacity Bench Oven, 400°F Max
Models: BO-333A, BO-333B, BO-333C
Air Drying Oven

Air Drying Oven

Starting at $7,587.00
Models: OT-2, OT-2F
36ft³ Large Capacity Bench Oven, 400°F Max
Models: BO-343A, BO-343B, BO-343C
46.9ft³ Large Shelf Oven, 400°F Max
Models: BO-60EB, BO-60EC, BO-60GB, BO-60GC
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Lab Ovens

They come in both bench-top and floor-standing models and are suited for many different drying applications. While most models are electric, some are available that operate with natural gas or LP. Chamber sizes range from 0.7 to 78ft³ (20 to 2,210L), with maximum temperature ranges from 105º to 550ºF (41º to 290ºC).

You can also shop by brand below:

  • Quincy Bench Ovens are forced-air convection with chamber capacity from 6.6ft³ to 10.6ft³ and a maximum temperature range from 300° to 550°F (149° to 288°C). Models BO-355 & BO-355ER accommodate up to 17 shelves; all others can handle up to 11. Ovens are equipped with an analog or digital controller.
  • Despatch Electric Ovens are forced-air convection with chamber sizes ranging from 2.3ft³ to 27.0ft³. Available in Standard or Deluxe styles. The deluxe has a maximum temperature of 500°F (260°C), microprocessor controllers, and offers better uniformity. Standard models have economical single set-point digital controllers, and 400°F (204°C) maximum temperature.
  • Shel Lab® Ovens use forced air and feature turbo blower-assisted mechanical convection. Available in Economy or Deluxe styles. The Economy Series units range in size from 1.7ft³ to 5.6ft³, have analog controllers, and a maximum temperature of 392°F (200°C). Deluxe models meet UL/CSA/CE requirements and range in size from 1.39ft³ to 27.5ft³ with a maximum temperature of 583°F (306°C).
  • Quincy Lab Ovens includes analog and low-temperature models with gravity or forced air convection. Gravity convection models come in sizes of 0.7ft³ to 3.0ft³. The forced-air units range from 0.6ft³ to 2.9ft³. Analog ovens have a maximum temperature of 450°F (232°C). Low-temperature ovens have 210°F (99°C) or 225°F (107°C).
  • Grieve Lab Ovens are forced-air convection-type ovens and have a larger chamber capacity ranging from 15.8 to 36ft³. They are constructed with an enameled steel exterior and stainless steel interior. They have a maximum temperature of 400°F (204°C) or 550°F (288°C).
  • Superpave Heavy-Duty Oven is a forced-air convection type that has a maximum temperature of 450°F (232°C). Affordably priced, it complies with Superpave mix design requirements, has a stainless steel interior, and needs no special wiring.
  • Air Drying Oven is best used for fireproofing and for drying materials like coal and soils that require air drying at lower temperatures, this 30ft³ unit can be operated with unheated air circulation or at temperatures up to 105°F (41°C). Even with a lower maximum temperature, drying is quick and efficient due to the unit's high airflow.
  • Peerless Gas Oven is a gravity convection-type oven. It has four individual chambers with a 12.6ft³ total capacity and a maximum temperature of 550°F (288°C) maximum. The four chambers make it ideal for efficient gas heat drying of large-volume samples It has an included low-temperature system for accurate control in the 66° to 260°F (150° to 500°C) temperature range which allows for the gentle drying of sensitive materials. This model can use natural or LP gas, a selection that must be specified when ordering.

Need help to decide on the right oven model for your lab needs? Email our Tech Experts for help.

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