Despatch Electric Ovens

Despatch Electric Ovens feature digital microprocessor controllers, open coil heater elements, and a five-year warranty. Double-wall construction with glass fiber insulation and silicone door gaskets minimize heat loss. Exterior surfaces have scratch-resistant baked enamel coating and stainless steel interiors. Shelf location can be repositioned every 2in (52mm). Two shelves are included. Available in Standard or Deluxe models.


Ovens will operate on a 50Hz or 60Hz power supply. Some units are available in either 120V or 240V. 240V ovens will operate on a 208V electrical supply with an approximately 25% reduction in heating output. Specify the voltage required when ordering.

Stands and Extra Shelves are available for bench ovens. Matching enameled-steel 22in (559mm) high stands allow placement of ovens on the floor instead of benchtops. Stands have a support frame with one open shelf. Stacking Hardware is available to stack two similar ovens. Two standard shelves are included with each oven; heavy-duty shelves are standard on DOL Models. Contact Customer Service for optional heavy-duty, reinforced shelves for other models.

  • Standard DOL series forced-convection ovens have a single setpoint digital proportioning controller and rocker switches for power and heat. The maximum temperature is 400°F (204°C). Models with a capacity of 6.9ft³ (195L) and larger are supplied with two-chamber doors. Forced air circulation from top-mounted fan and side plenums allows rapid and effective heat distribution, permitting higher-density workloads. Chamber temperature uniformity is ±3° at 150°C. Optional DOBA-2 Countdown Timer for Standard DOL series shuts down the heater at the end of each cycle time. Countdown Timer range is 99.9 hours; range can be changed to 999, 9.99, or .999 hours or minutes.
  • Deluxe DOC ovens have superior thermal uniformity and a forced-air convection system with an adjustable damper. They also feature the exclusive Despatch Protocol 3™ microprocessor controller system. This controller has self-diagnostic and calibrating capabilities, two levels of password security to protect program parameters and a recovery system for controlled responses to power failures. The oven can be set to operate at a single setpoint temperature, in timed cycles, or up to 255 total ramps and soak profile segments in up to 64 programs. Additional options allow control of multiple units from a remote PC. The LED temperature display, 32-character LCD display of oven status, and setpoints are easy-to-read and simplify programming. Control stability after calibration is ±0.5°C at 25°C. Oven uniformity is ±1° at 100°C.