Quincy Lab Ovens

Quincy Lab Ovens with gravity or forced convection have a maximum temperature of 450°F (232°C) are competitively priced and offer exceptional reliability. Compact and versatile, they are used for drying, testing, sterilizing, evaporating, heat treating, and annealing.


Models: BO-10R, BO-10RF
Models: BO-20R, BO-20RF
Models: BO-30R, BO-30RF
Models: BO-40, BO-40F
Models: BO-110, BO-110F
Models: BO-120, BO-120F
Models: BO-130, BO-130F
Models: BO-140, BO-140F

BO-10R and BO-110 have bimetallic thermostat controllers; others have hydraulic thermostats. Gravity convection models employ a special perforated heat shield which absorbs radiant heat and distributes it more evenly. Models include BOA-7 Spirit-Filled Thermometer for precise temperature monitoring. Forced air models maintain more uniform temperature via a special fan and air transfer plenum. Forced air models also include a dual range °F/°C dial thermometer mounted in the door. Energy efficient, low-watt density Incoloy-sheathed elements are engineered into a compact design for quick run-up and recovery times.

Cabinet exteriors are painted light gray with a durable, scratch-resistant hammer-tone finish. Doors open with high impact thermoplastic handles. Cabinets have heavy steel double-wall construction. Interiors are made of corrosion resistant aluminized steel, and insulated from the outer cabinet with one inch of high density mineral wool. Ovens are supplied with one fixed, and two adjustable shelves. Extra shelves are available as optional accessories.

Quality UL and CSA recognized components are used in all models. The control panels feature an illuminated On/Off rocker switch and a heat/cycle pilot light. Standard models are equipped to operate 120V/60Hz electrical supplies, and are supplied with cords and plugs. Lab Ovens can be ordered for 230V/50Hz operation by adding “F” to the model number.