Kelway Soil Acidity and Moisture Meter

Model: MA-78
Price: $150.00

Kelway Soil Acidity and Moisture Meter measures soil pH in the 3.5-8.0 range with ±0.2 accuracy, and moisture (0-100% relative saturation) in three minutes or less. The cone-shaped end of the meter is inserted into the soil to make good soil contact. Readings shown on the top dial are based on the measured electrical potential between two dissimilar metal electrode plates.  The meter is durable and insensitive to normal temperatures, and no batteries, electrodes, or buffer solutions are needed. It is equipped with a belt-loop carrying case, two 3x4in (76x102mm) conditioning film sheets, and instructions.


  • Provides pH and relative moisture measurements in under three minutes
  • Batteries, electrodes, or buffer solutions not required

Included Items:

  • Soil Acidity/Moisture Meter
  • Carrying Case
  • (2) Conditioning Film Sheets


  • MAA-116 Conditioning Film cleans and conditions electrode plates prior to each use of the meter and each sheet can be used up to 20 times; replacement sheets are available in a package of 12.

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Accuracy ±0.2 (pH)
Product Dimensions 1.5 x 6.5in (38 x 165mm), Dia x L
Estimated Shipping Weight 2.0lb (0.91kg)

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Accuracy ±0.2 (pH)
Product Dimensions 1.5 x 6.5in (38 x 165mm), Dia x L
Estimated Shipping Weight 2.0lb (0.91kg)
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