Kelway Soil Testers

Accurate analysis of soil properties is paramount during site preparation for pavements, foundations, and embankments. Acidic soil can quickly cause corrosivity issues with buried metal and moisture-holding capacity greatly impacts soil strength and compressibility. Kelway Soil Testers are designed to expedite on-site pH and moisture measurements.


Kelway Soil Testers
  • Kelway Soil Acidity and Moisture Meter is a rugged analog, dual-use device, measuring soil pH in the 3.5–8 range with ±0.2 accuracy and moisture from 0-100% relative saturation. The meter uses conductive metal plates to self-power from the naturally occurring electricity in the soil. Supplied with a durable belt carry case.
  • Keway Soil pHD Acidity Meter provides a quick, convenient, and economically effective method of determining soil pH. The meter has a pH range of 3–8 with an accuracy of ± 0.2 pH. The meter requires no batteries for operation and is equipped with a calibration adjustment screw.

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