Bico Jaw Crushers

Sturdy Bico Chipmunk and Badger Jaw Crushers provide exceptional capacity in size reduction of hard rock, ores, and minerals. Their time-proven designs are effective and compact, with easy access for cleaning and maintenance.


Standard Chipmunk Jaw Crushers

Standard Chipmunk Jaw Crushers

Starting at $8,397.00
Models: LC-33, LC-33A, LC-34, LC-34A
Heavy-Duty Chipmunk Jaw Crushers
Models: LC-35, LC-35A, LC-36, LC-36A
Badger Jaw Crusher

Badger Jaw Crusher

Starting at $17,276.00
Models: LC-37, LC-37A
BICO Jaw Crushers

Bico Jaw Crushers Comparison Chart

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  • Standard Chipmunk Jaw Crushers are equipped with reversible jaw plates for extended life. These rugged crushers are energy-efficient, constructed of rugged alloy steel which resists wear, and offer solid performance. The throughput is 400lb (183kg) per hour and the maximum particle size is 2.2x3in (56x76mm).
  • Heavy-Duty Chipmunk Jaw Crushers have a throughput of 800lb (363kg) per hour and a maximum particle size of 2.4x4in (61x102mm). They are also equipped with reversible jaw plates for extended service life. Constructed of wear-resistant alloy steel, these units operate using minimal power and come in models with single or three-phase motors.
  • Badger Jaw Crushers offer the maximum feed size of the Bico Crushers, with 1,300lb (590kg) throughput per hour and a maximum particle size of 4x6in (102x152mm). These units operate efficiently to easily and quickly reduce sample size. 5hp motors operate on a 220V or 440V power source.

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