Accessories for Concrete Compression Machines

A selection of adaptive equipment and accessories are available for outfitting Gilson’s series 250, 300, 400 and 500 Concrete Compression Testing Machines to meet specific testing applications. All test sets and the 4in spacers meet AASHTO and ASTM requirements for the specific compression application. Some of the attachments will also fit testing machines from other manufacturers. Inquire for range of compatible testing machines.


Universal Flexural Sets

Starting at $1,859.00
Models: MCA-4, MCA-34

2in Cube Test Sets

Starting at $655.00
Models: MCA-6, MCA-5, MCA-7

6in Cube Test Sets

Starting at $1,094.00
Models: MCA-8, MCA-3, MCA-9

Cylinder Splitting Sets

Starting at $648.00
Models: MCA-10, MCA-30, MCA-11

Masonry Test Sets

Starting at $2,765.00
Models: MCA-12R, MCA-32, MCA-13R

4in Spacers

Starting at $188.00
Models: MCA-14, MCA-19, MCA-15

3x6in Cylinder Test Sets

Starting at $539.00
Models: MCA-16, MCA-18, MCA-17

Load Frame Mounting Stands

Starting at $323.00
Models: MCA-24, MCA-27
  • Universal Flexural Sets for testing beams with center and third-pointloading. This set meets specific ASTM and AASHTO standards in testing flexural strength of concrete beams.
  • 2in Cube Test Sets include lower pedestal and upper platen assembly to outfit machines for testing compressive strength of smaller concrete cubes and cylinders.
  • 6in Cube Test Sets include spacer, lower platen and upper platen assembly for compression testing of 6in (152mm) concrete cubes.
  • Cylinder Splitting Sets are used to determine splitting tensile strength of concrete cylinders.
  • Masonry Test Sets are designed to test compressive strength of 8 and 12in (203 and 305mm) wide concrete masonry units and prisms.
  • 4in Spacers adjust vertical working clearance in the load frame opening to test samples in varying sizes.
  • 3x6in Cylinder Test Sets come with spacer and upper platen assembly, and outfit the machines to perform concrete strength testing on 3x6in (76x152mm) cylinder specimens.
  • Load Frame Mounting Stand holds and elevates the 250 and 300 series Compression Machines to a comfortable working height.
  • Printer Accessory for Compression Machines for models equipped with the Pro-Plus Controllers prints test reports and other data; a factory-installed computer chip ensures it functions with the Pro-Plus controller.
  • Able Cable® for Pro Controller Compression Machines to transfer data from units with Pro and Pro-Plus Controller to user’s computer.