Printer Accessory for Compression Machines

Model: MCA-28
Price: $648.50

MCA-28 Printer Accessory For Compression Machines is an OKI Microline® 300 Turbo Series printer that offers reliable, on-the-spot data output, and solid performance in rugged environments. The printer is for use with Concrete Compression Machines equipped with the Pro-Plus Controller. A computer chip is factory installed in the printer to ensure solid performance with the controller. Print method is dot matrix, with fast output up to 435 characters per second, front panel touch-keys and indicator lights, and able to accommodate single sheet or multi-part (up to 6) forms. It is compatible with Windows®7, Vista® 32/64 and XP 2000 operating systems, and equipped with a grounded 3-prong plug.


  • Prints up to 435 characters per second
  • Front panel keys and lights
  • Can print one sheet or forms up to 6-part

Included Items:

  • Printer Accessory For Compression Machines


Estimated Shipping Weight 20.0lb (9.07kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 20.0lb (9.07kg)
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