Piston Over-Extension Limit Switches

Piston Over-Extension Limit Switch for 250 Series Compression Machines

Model: MCA-61
Price: $168.00

Piston Over-Extension Limit Switch for 300 Series Compression Machines

Model: MCA-62
Price: $168.00

Piston Over-Extension Limit Switch for 400 Series Compression Machines

Model: MCA-63
Price: $168.00

Piston Over-Extension Limit Switch for 500 Series Compression Machines

Model: MCA-64
Price: $168.00

Piston Over-Extension Limit Switches is an optional accessory for Gilson's Concrete Compression Machines. The Limit Switch provides additional safety and minimizes operational errors by preventing the over-extension of the hydraulic ram. The Limit Switch is factory-installed if purchased with a Concrete Compression Machine.

MCA-61 is designed for use with 250 Series concrete compression machines, MCA-62 is for 300 Series, MCA-63 for the 400 Series, and MCA-64 is for use with 500 Series concrete compression machines.


  • Helps minimize operator error and increase safety
  • Can be user-installed on existing concrete compression machine or factory-installed at time of new purchase

Included Items:

  • Piston Over-Extension Limit Switch 
Estimated Shipping Weight 0.3lb (0.11kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 0.3lb (0.11kg)
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