Triaxial Load Cells & Accessories

Gilson Triaxial Load Cells meet requirements of ASTM D2850 and D4767 or AASHTO T 296 and T 297 for triaxial testing of soil specimens. Triaxial Test Chambers are designed for optimum performance with Gilson Master or Auxillary Control Panels and Pro-Loader Frames.


Triaxial Test Chamber 2.8" Specimens

Starting at $1,635.00
Models: HMA-517, HMA-517S

Triaxial Test Chamber 4" Specimens

Starting at $2,155.00
Models: HMA-518, HMA-518S

Triaxial Test Chamber 6" Specimens

Starting at $4,250.00
Models: HMA-519, HMA-519S

Latex Membranes (Package of 12)

Starting at $39.00
Models: HMA-527, HMA-528, HMA-529, HMA-522, HMA-523, HMA-524, HMA-526

Porous Stones

Starting at $6.00
Models: HMA-547, HMA-548, HMA-549, HMA-542, HMA-543, HMA-544, HMA-546

Membrane Stretchers

Starting at $38.00
Models: HMA-557, HMA-558, HMA-559, HMA-552, HMA-553, HMA-554, HMA-556
Models: HMA-567, HMA-568, HMA-569, HMA-562, HMA-563, HMA-564, HMA-566

O-Ring Placing Tools

Starting at $20.00
Models: HMA-577, HMA-578, HMA-579, HMA-572, HMA-573, HMA-574, HMA-576

Heavy-wall clear acrylic Test Chambers have maximum operating pressures from 100 to 200psi (6.9 to 13.8bar) and solid, circular bases designed for heavy loading. Specimen Caps, Pedestals, Porous Stones, and O-Rings are included with each Test Chamber. The anodized aluminum specimen caps have two drain ports and are grooved for O-Rings to seal latex membranes. The pedestals have flow-through lines and are keyed to prevent turning and pinching the tubing during set up. To specify units equipped with stainless steel valves and fittings, add “S” suffix to model numbers when ordering. The precision-ground and polished stainless steel load piston with piston lock has ultra-low breakaway friction and is guided through internally lubed and sealed linear ball bearings. Triaxial Test Chambers can also be used for ASTM D5084 Flexible Wall Permeability testing. Gilson’s HMA-519 Test Chamber is ideal for triaxial testing of large soils or asphalt samples up to 6in (152mm) diameter and 12in (305mm) height.

Latex Membranes encase the specimens inside the Test Chambers to protect them from water during testing and are installed with Membrane Stretchers. O-Rings are installed around the specimen caps with a Placing Tool to seal the ends of the membranes, and porous stones are placed at the each end of the specimen to protect it during testing, while still allowing water to pass through. All are available as accessories to fit various specimen diameters.