4in Steel Retainer Set

Model: HM-181
Price: $138.50

HM-181 4in Steel Retainer Set are used with 4in Neoprene Pads (sold separately) in unbonded capping for compressive strength testing of 4in (102mm) diameter Concrete Cylinders. They hold and confine the neoprene pads, and are placed at each end of the concrete cylinder before testing. Steel Retainers are constructed of alloy steel, precisely machined to specified dimensions and are plated inside and out to resist corrosion. Bearing surfaces are plane to within 0.002in (0.05mm). Sold in sets of 2.


  • Rugged alloy steel construction
  • Corrosion-resistant plating inside and out
  • Plane bearing surfaces
  • Meet ASTM and AASHTO requirements

Included Items:

  • 4in Steel Retainers, set of 2


Specimen Diameter 4in (101.6mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 11.0lb (4.99kg)

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Specimen Diameter 4in (101.6mm)
Estimated Shipping Weight 11.0lb (4.99kg)
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