Neoprene Pads for Concrete Cylinders

Neoprene Pads are accurate, efficient and economical for compressive strength tests of concrete cylinders and serve as a faster and safer alternative to sulfur capping.


2 Inch Neoprene Pads

Starting at $12.00
Models: HM-369, HM-370

3 Inch Neoprene Pads

Starting at $6.00
Models: HM-366, HM-367, HM-368

4 Inch Neoprene Pads

Starting at $7.00
Models: HM-360, HM-360CS, HM-361, HM-361CS, HM-362, HM-362CS

6 Inch Neoprene Pads

Starting at $7.50
Models: HM-363, HM-363CS, HM-364, HM-364CS, HM-365, HM-365CS

Neoprene Pads flow during compression to fill irregularities in cylinder ends and assure load uniformity. Steel Retainer Rings are purchased separately and hold tough 1/2in (12.7mm) thick Neoprene Pads. Rings and pads are positioned at each end of the concrete test cylinder to distribute compressive load forces evenly. Two Pads are required for compression testing of concrete cylinders.

Pads are economical and can be reused up to 100 times or more with qualification testing by user. 4in and 6in Pads meet the latest ASTM C1231 and AASHTO 22 specifications.

Gilson Neoprene Pads are sold as singles or in packs of 12 (only for 4 & 6in), and available sizes are 6in, 4in, 3in and 2in diameter cylinders. Select a durometer rating based on design strength of the concrete specimens. “CS” suffix indicates 12-piece quantity of 4in or 6in pads at reduced per-pad price.