Unbonded Concrete Cylinder Capping Pads and Sets

Unbonded Capping is a safe, accurate and economical alternative to the use of hot sulfur capping compound for compressive strength tests of concrete specimens. Steel Retainer Rings hold tough 0.50 (12.7mm) thick neoprene pads at each end of the concrete test cylinder to distribute compressive load forces evenly. The Retainer Rings are permanent with normal care and the Neoprene Pads are reusable 100 times or more with qualification testing by user. Neoprene Pads and Steel Retainers are sold separately. Retainers and Pads for 2in specimens are also suitable for use on 2-1/8in diameter rock cores.


Unbonded Concrete Cylinder Capping Pads
  • Neoprene Pads for Concrete Cylinders are available in 2, 3, 4 and 6in diameters and used in unbonded capping of same diameter concrete cylinders during compression testing. The 0.5in thick pads can be reused in up to 100 tests and are secured at each end of the specimen by a steel retainer ring, sets sold separately. Select from pads in 50 or 70 durometers.
  • Concrete Cylinder Capping Retainer Sets are steel retainers in 2, 3, 4 and 6in diameters used to secure same diameter neoprene pads, sold separately, at both ends of a concrete cylinder specimen. Precision machined retainers are constructed of steel alloy. Available 2 per set.
  • Unbonded Capping Accessories include 48oz polysaccharide powder or 8oz powder dispenser sold as separate products, or a powder kit that includes one each of both powder and dispenser. The powder is used to quickly break the bond between the pad and steel retainer and allow safe and intact removal of the specimen.