Spacer Block Set for Asphalt Sample Preparation Saw

Model: MSA-220
Price: $383.00

MSA-220 Spacer Block Set used with MS-48 Asphalt Preparation Saw is required for preparing samples in accordance with ASTM D8044 (Louisiana) SCB Test. The block set allows for making the three different notch cuts of 25, 32 and 38mm as indicated in ASTM D8044 without adjusting the saw blade. The set consists of three spacer blocks in 25.4, 31.8 and 38mm sizes.


  • Includes blocks needed to prepare samples in compliance with ASTM D8044 (Louisiana) SCB Test

Included Items:

  • MSA-220 Spacer Block Set
Size 25.4, 31.8 and 38mm
Estimated Shipping Weight 3.5lb (1.59kg)

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Size 25.4, 31.8 and 38mm
Estimated Shipping Weight 3.5lb (1.59kg)
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