Shrinkage Limit Set

Model: SA-56
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The shrinkage Limit Test is one of the Atterberg Limits methods of defining characteristics of cohesive soils. The shrinkage limit of cohesive soils is defined as the water content at which further loss of moisture will not cause a decrease in volume. The shrinkage limit apparatus includes components necessary to run the test.

ASTM recommends this new method as an alternative to the original D427 test method, which was withdrawn due to its use of mercury for volume determinations. This procedure uses similar apparatus for the preparation of a soil pat but requires coating the pat in melted wax prior to immersion in water for mass determination.

Soil samples for shrinkage limit tests are usually taken from a larger sample prepared for liquid and plastic limit tests. A soil specimen with moisture content above the liquid limit is placed in the shrinkage dish and struck off with the straightedge. The sample is then oven-dried. After coating in wax, the volume of the soil pat is computed by weighing in water and noting the difference from its weight in the air.

The SA-56 Shrinkage Limit Set includes a special Monel shrinkage dish, a 4x0.75in spatula used as a straightedge, fine thread to suspend the soil pat, a glass calibration plate, and a tube of petroleum jelly used when calibrating the dish. The SA-19 Wax Melting Pot is purchased separately. SAA-15 microcrystalline wax is available in 5lb (2.3kg) quantities. The Melting Pot has a 2qt (1.9L) capacity and a thermostat to control temperatures between 50°–250°F (10°–120°C). The electrical requirements are 600 Watts at 115V/60Hz. Other available accessories are the HMA-10 Spatula for mixing and handling and the SC-74 1.3qt Pan for use as a water bath for immersion weighing.


  • Determines Atterberg shrinkage limits of cohesive soils
  • Requires immersion of soil pat in melted wax
  • Aligns with ASTM D4943

Included Items:

  • Shrinkage Limit Set
    • 15mL Monel Shrinkage Dish
    • Spatula with 4x0.75in Blade
    • Glass Calibration Plate
    • Fine Thread to suspend the soil pat
    • Tube of Petroleum Jelly for coating the shrinkage dish


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Capacity Monel Shrinkage Dish: 15mL
Product Dimensions Blade: 0.75 x 4 in (19x102mm) WxL
Estimated Shipping Weight 2.0lb (0.91kg)

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Capacity Monel Shrinkage Dish: 15mL
Product Dimensions Blade: 0.75 x 4 in (19x102mm) WxL
Estimated Shipping Weight 2.0lb (0.91kg)
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