Atterberg Limits Equipment

Atterberg Limits is a group of tests used to define the properties of cohesive soils at different moisture contents. Gilson carries all the equipment you need to perform liquid limit, plastic limit and shrinkage limit tests.


Liquid Limit is the water content at which soil changes from a plastic to a liquid state as determined by testing in a Liquid Limit machine. Plastic Limit is the water content when a soil can no longer be rolled into 1/8in (3.2mm) diameter threads without crumbling. Plastic Limit is subtracted from Liquid Limit to establish the Plasticity Index, (PI) an important value when classifying soil types. Shrinkage limit is the water content where further loss of moisture does not cause a decrease in volume of a specimen.

  • Plastic Limit Roller saves time and provides more consistent results compared to hand-rolling of soil specimens.
  • Liquid Limit Machines are available in either automated or hand-crank versions for accurate and repeatable testing.
  • Mortar & Pestles are used to prepare dry soil samples by breaking up agglomerates.
  • Shrinkage Limit Set is a complete, all-in-one kit with all the necessary equipment to perform the test.
  • Soil Grinder offers an efficient way to prepare dry soil samples for Atterberg Limits tests.