Atterberg Limits / Grain Size Accessories

Gilson offers several convenient and commonly-used tools for Atterberg Limits testing and grain size determinations. These products are economical, yet durable enough to withstand repeated everyday use.


Atterberg Limits Soil Classification Accessories
  • Spatulas come in different overall lengths and blade widths and work well for mixing and sample handling of soil and other materials.
  • Wash Bottles are clear and come in 250ml or 500ml sizes, for easy dispensing and rinsing applications.
  • Mortar & Pestles meet AASHTO and ASTM standards. The mortar is constructed of heavy porcelain. Pestles are porcelain or optional rubber-tipped wood for soil materials.
  • Porcelain Evaporating Dishes come in four capacities with differing diameters and offer solid performance in laboratory testing.
  • Metal Sample Containers range in size from 1.5 to 16oz and come with tight-fitting lids designed for moisture content determinations and storage.
  • Plastic Graduated Cylinders for non-critical applications reduce breakage and the durable base keeps the cylinder stable.

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