Residual Pressure Manometers

Manometers measure vacuum pressure and are used when performing ASTM D2041 and AASHTO T209 Asphalt Bulk Specific Gravity (Rice) Tests and for other vacuum applications in the lab.

  • MA-166 Mercury Manometer is a traditional Residual Pressure Manometer with a mercury-filled U-tube mounted to a wooden stand, equipped with a graduated, sliding scale.  
  • MA-170 Digital Pressure Manometer is a safe, accurate and environmentally-friendly option for measuring vacuum levels.  An electronic absolute pressure transducer gives instant readings on the digital display.

**Please check for restrictions on shipment of instruments containing mercury into your area before ordering.

Digital Manometer

Starting at $385.00
Models: MA-170, MA-170C, MA-170F
Model: MA-166