Flexible Wall Permeability Test Chambers

Flexible Wall Permeability Test Chambers meet the requirements of ASTM D5084 for flexible wall permeability testing. These chambers have similar construction as Triaxial Test Chambers with the same heavy acrylic walls, anodized aluminum bases and caps, and brass or stainless steel valves and fittings, but are not equipped with a loading piston. The chambers have maximum operating pressures from 100 to 200psi (6.9 to 13.8bar) and solid, circular bases. Specimen Caps, Pedestals, Porous Stones, and O-Rings are included with each Test Chamber.  The anodized aluminum specimen caps have two drain ports and are grooved for O-Rings to seal latex membranes.  The pedestals have flow-through lines and are keyed to prevent turning and pinching the tubing during set up.  Units with stainless steel valves and fittings, are ordered by the “S” suffix model number. Optional HMA-515 Adapter Set allows testing of 4in (102mm) diameter samples in the HMA-514 2.8in Permeability Chamber.  Triaxial Test Chambers, are also acceptable for use as Flexible Wall Permeability Test Chambers.

Models: HMA-514, HMA-514S
Models: HMA-516, HMA-516S

Latex Membranes (Package of 12)

Starting at $39.00
Models: HMA-527, HMA-528, HMA-529, HMA-522, HMA-523, HMA-524, HMA-526

Porous Stones

Starting at $6.00
Models: HMA-547, HMA-548, HMA-549, HMA-542, HMA-543, HMA-544, HMA-546

Membrane Stretchers

Starting at $38.00
Models: HMA-557, HMA-558, HMA-559, HMA-552, HMA-553, HMA-554, HMA-556
Models: HMA-567, HMA-568, HMA-569, HMA-562, HMA-563, HMA-564, HMA-566

O-Ring Placing Tools

Starting at $20.00
Models: HMA-577, HMA-578, HMA-579, HMA-572, HMA-573, HMA-574, HMA-576